TradeWindow’s Warehouse Advantage solution offers advanced functionality to manage even the most complex warehouse environments. This powerful system helps to ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed, optimized workflow, utilizing the most advanced wireless and bar code technologies, including RFID. Containerization, wave planning, and slotting drive further efficiencies.

Automated Warehousing
Paperless Warehousing, Bar Coding & RF
Better Customer Service & Higher Sales Productivity

Pick orders faster and with increased accuracy, based on product movement frequency
Optimise resource activity through precise and accurate instruction handling
Achieve faster ROI with staged implementation possibilities
Control inventory to reduce tied-up capital
Process large order volumes quickly and accurately
Monitor warehouse inventory and activity 24/7

Warehouse Management
Billing Management
Slotting Optimization
Labour Management
Yard Management

Integrated EDI Scan Packing
Web and eCommerce Systems
Voice Directed Solutions
Mobile Field Service
Stocktake & Data Capture Solutions

Fleet Management –  including integration with Order Management; Optimal Routing;  GPS and non GPS Tracking and GPS Navigation
Freight Settlement – processes and analytics for optimal cost reduction and margin improvement
Global Trade Management – simplifying International trade processes, landed cost and compliance
In-Transit Control – optimal deployment and balancing of transportation capital and human (inc driver compliance and fuel economy, etc.
Dock Management – providing a graphic interface for inbound and outbound appointment scheduling
Optimized Transportation Logistics – managing the dynamics and costs of  multi-modal global transportation in real-time

The Roadrunner Warehouse comprises three modules and is a very popular system within the Roadrunner suite of programs. The reason for this is that many Transport companies are now offering a Warehouse and Distribution service, and many Warehouse companies are now providing transport.

The Warehouse Management system

Fully integrated with the Roadrunner Accounts System, it provides complete control of all Warehouse Transactions, both current and projected. It has the ability to handle varying storage, RHD and miscellaneous charges. Pre-defined Goods descriptions can be set up with customer charging rates per product, quantity breakdowns and required references. A complete suite of screen enquiries and reports are included.

Customer Product Picking

A recent requirement from several customers to provide the ability to pre-pick items from the Warehouse by customer specified means. Once picked the system will generate a picking list and await for confirmation of the quantities actually picked. Once the quantities are confirmed the balance of the stock is reduced and delivery notes are printed ready for despatch. An important facility offered with this package is that a screen can be located at a customer site, so they can perform their own picking, but is secure enough to not allow them access to another customer’s information or unauthorised areas of the system.

Warehouse Invoicing

As with the other Roadrunner Invoicing modules, Warehouse Invoicing provides an automatic Invoice generation facility and will print to plain, headed or pre-printed paper. Pre-invoice run and duplicate invoice options are also available.

Warehouse Traffic Link

For those who operate both the Traffic and Warehouse systems, this module allows Roadrunner traffic jobs to be generated from outward warehouse movements. This saves both time and duplication of effort. For more information please submit a request or phone 02 9807 3516