Doc Link allows you to attach any file that is recognised by Windows to a job or an account.

The file could be a word processing document, a spreadsheet or a picture. The picture could show damaged cargo and be a permanent record for future use.

Doc Link means that important document are permanently linked to the job or account so that you do not have to operate a separate filing system that is likely to be difficult to manage or may even be ineffective after some years.

Doc Link makes a copy of the file/document and stores it in a dedicated area for TradeWindow Freight so in the event that the original file is lost or deleted, TradeWindow Freight  Doc Link has it’s own copy.

At any time the linked document can be opened and passed to the relevant software package to view or print.

  All from within TradeWindow Freight !!

  • Integrated with the Accounts, Freight and Customs modules
  • Link any file or document type recognized by Windows (e.g. PDF, BMP, DOC, etc.)
  • Scan from paper or attach files