Depot Scan allows depot operators to scan bar coded packages into and out of the depot. The scan out checks the current Customs status so that the operator can hold or release parcels accordingly. The use of bar codes and scanners will speed up the depot move in and goods release process plus reduce errors.

The scan of a clear parcel will trigger an automatic reporting to Customs further reducing the workload.

For bulk dispatching via a courier an electronic manifest can be automatically sent eliminating the need for phone calls and paperwork.

Where goods are collected in person a signature can be captured and stored in TradeWindow Freight.

  • Directly check the Customs status of each package before release.
  • Can be operated on most mobile devices with local network connection (cable or wireless) or remotely with wireless broadband.
  • Sign on glass – capture the signature and store in TradeWindow Freight.
  • Auto reporting to Customs when goods are released from the warehouse.