Future Design Concepts

We are always seeking ideas for new additions to our software. Who knows..your idea could be our next big thing. If you feel you have an idea that could help us make our software better than why not get in touch with us. We are all in this together.

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Crypto Virus is still a problem

We are seeing a number of sites falling victim to crypto viruses. These type of viruses will encrypt and lock ALL of your data including any connected “cloud” drives such as Drop Box, OneDrive, etc. You will not be able to use your comput- ers or access any of your files. DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL ATTACHMENTS OR CLICK ON WEB LINKS unless the sender and you have up to date and effective anti-virus software installed on all workstations and servers. Also, make sure that you have a multi layer reliable back up of all your critical data – your business may depend on it! If in doubt then do not open any attachments or….