CBFCA Annual Convention 2018

The 2018 Regional Convention will again deliver to members and the wider industry an informative and educational day of presentations from regulators and respected industry professionals on issues that will assist members in their daily business activities and professional careers. Cyberfreight are one of the Major Event Sponsors of this convention. Whilst full program details can be found HERE


Logistics industry conferences: CBFCA

Logistics industry conferences: CBFCA National 6th October in Melbourne. Conferences are a great opportunity to meet face to face with logistics industry colleagues. With the modern era of electronic communications, we usually communicate via email, phone or SMS so we really do not get to know people that we are dealing with. Conferences are also a good opportunity for brokers to gain CPD points.


Register your changes to your CyberFreight installation with our support team.

Please register any request for changes to your Cyberfreight installation with our support team. We cannot accept any verbal requests as there is a risk that they might be overlooked. We want to make sure that all requests are dealt with so that Cyberfreight continues to run smoothly.

Email Templates in CyberFreight.

Cyberfreight has a template system for emails. This allows you to create a library of templates that contain fixed text and keywords that are replaced by data from jobs. For example, would be replaced by the Duty payable to Customs in a job or would be replaced by the vessel name. When selected, the template populates the email body.